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Last update: May 2006

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Summer holidays in UK this year, my *ahem*th birthday.


March - a Landmark Trust trip to Laughton Place Tower was taken at short notice.  We think Alice was pleased with her first holiday, though she's playing it cool.  Sam was impressed with the cliffs on the South Downs and the howling gale.



Christmas - little Alice arrived safe and healthy - most of the festive season was taken up with adjusting to Alice's routine of four hour days.  Sam is very cute with his new sister.

October - Sam is 5yrs old

August - Isle of Wight holiday with kind weather, BBQs on the beach, sand dune jumping, steam trains, curry, sand castles and wine. 



June - azure sea and bright Sun were ours for 10 days in the beautiful and tranquil Gozo, part of the Maltese archipelago.  Don't go there.  You wouldn't like it.

March - The highlight of 2005 was news of the impending and very welcome arrival of Alice, due December 2005!


Christmas - Sam was in his first nativity, we all had lots of fun with the disco lights and smoke machine over Christmas!

October - Sam is 4yrs old

June - Sam's first camping experience completed in great style. The venue was Corfe in Dorset.  He was VERY excited to be sleeping in a tent and ended up not sleeping very much. 



March - San Francisco
trip completed with
sun/beach, mountains/skiing, wine tasting in Napa Valley and half price shopping in the City.  The place is so amazing, we're left wondering why people live in England.  Many thanks to Steve, Yvonne and Max for having us!


Christmas - was extended as we had long holidays.  It was a magical time. We shopped, ate, drank and spent time with the family. Inevitably, Sam preferred the wrapping paper to his presents. We spent New Year in Dorset with my sister Nathelie + family.

October - Sam is 3yrs old

October - Lads Weekend was Golden Cap, Dorset.  New tent is large enough to sleep everyone + provides car parking.  Brought my Zagi (RC Wing) along which flew well on the beach.

August - our new bathroom is 97% complete (and will remain so for the foreseeable future).

May - Lads Weekend was Weymouth.  Impressive fire breathing can be done with bbq fluid.


November - Lads Weekend was in Norfolk. Camping in November was freezing cold and wet. Back to basics + Facing the elements. We had a great time.

October - STi has arrived and it's very nice. Quiet, safe and blisteringly quick and blisteringly thirsty in the fuel department.

July - Rachel has finished her final set of exams (MRCGP) and has passed with distinction no less!  With 24 letters after her name, her husband is feeling rather inadequate...

April - the Spring Lads Weekend never happened on account of people having lots of babies.

March - We're off on Holiday to Derbyshire, spending a week in a Landmark Trust property.  It'll be cold, probably wet, but thoroughly fantastic.


December - Sam spent Guy Fawkes weekend at Corfe Castle with Auntie Nathelie and Uncle Peter. We all had a great time eating and drinking to excess.

October - Sam's birthday was on 19th October! He had a nice time, but would have preferred it if his friends had left his toys, cake and crisps alone. They're his.

November - Lads Weekend featured rain, tents and beer.