About us

Last update: May 2006

Andrew, Rachel, Sam & Alive live in St Albans, SE England.

Alice is now five months and enjoys life's simple pleasures: sleep, milk, cuddles with Mum & Dad, smiling a lot, her enormous brother looming over her shouting 'AAALLLLIIIICCCEEEEOOOOHH'

Sam is now five and likes light sabres. his favourite colour light sabre is green. His favourite Jedis are Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin.  Luke Skywalker had a blue light sabre, but he lost it and got a green (better) one.  He also loves Lego, so Star Wars Lego has been a big hit with Sam.  His other favourite things are: swimming, 'bed waves', stories and fighting (with light sabres).

Rachel is enjoying being at home, taking care of Alice and Sam. Considerable time is spent cooking up new delights to wean Alice.  Rachel's battle skills have been hardened by her Jedi training with Sam.  Her favourite things remain: curry, sleep. Her least favourite thing is: me coming in late and waking her up.

Andrew - Work, Play, Eat, Sleep, kinda sums it up.  Though 'Exercise' should now be added as I've bought a nice bicycle.  My favourite thing remains: sitting on top of mountains with Rachel, Sam & Alice; motoring on good roads in my car. My least favourite thing is: making long lists of things to do.

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